Photography Course 7-Product Photography $99

Product Photography class in progress for product photography class by Alwyns Photo School Melbourne

About this Class

This practical workshop will be perfect for those who want to learn how to photograph their product, from pottery to paintings, from jewellery to cakes. We aim to teach you how to take stunning  images of your products and art. 

We cover

Product Photography and Lenses 

Choosing the right lens to capture your product/Do we need a macro lens?

Product Photography and Composition 

There is more to product photography than snapshots. Choosing the right background, props and accessories are very important. 

Product Photography and Exposure

Sometimes the camera will not like your choice of background!

Product Photography and Lighting (Home and Studio)

Lighting is the most difficult part of product photography, some lights make the product look too bright, and reflections on the glaze can ruin the shot.

Product Photography and Software (Making it look good for the Web) 

The next challenge is to put your product on the web. We show you how to use software (Such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements) to show your art or product as it should be.  

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