Course 21-Lightroom Classic - Next Step (Intermediate) $99

Lightroom image for Lightroom classic class at Alwyns photo school Melbourne

About this Class

Part 2-The Next Step

This class follows on from part one, and covers more of what this amazing software can do.

This class is also suitable for anyone who has been using Lightroom and would like to take their ability to the next level.

We will provide you with several images that need work, as well as guidebooks so you can work on the same images later. 

This class covers-

Organising and viewing options-The next step

Face tagging (Finding people in your images)/Geotagging (finding where the images where taken)

Other importing options such as adding information to your images during importing

Editing Your Images Part Two

Adding Presets/Making and using virtual copies

Using curves to edit exposure and detail

Sharpening Images/Fixing Perspective Problems.

Using dodge and burn to fine tune images

Adding Grain and other Effects to Images.

Editing your images Part Three  

Altering intensity of Specific Colours.

Removing Colour and Working with Black and White.

Removing Haze from Images/Creating Panoramas.

Making HDR Images

Adding Watermarks to your exported images


Working with printers 

Working with your website

Tethering your camera to Lightroom

Using other software such as Photoshop from Lightroom

Making slideshows in Lightroom

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