Photography Course 3-Portrait and Child Photography $99

Portrait images for for portrait and child photography  class by Alwyns Photo School Melbourne

About this Class

This workshop covers the basics of working with models (professional or amateur) to achieve the best portraits possible. This class is ideal for taking photos of children and for those wanting to learn wedding photography.

Composition and Lenses 

The best time of day/Choosing the right lens to flatter your subject.

Different portrait types and styles/Working with your Model. 

Outdoor Portraits

Making the right choice of background./Softening the Sun using diffusers.

Using Flash outside to control the light.

Indoor Portraits  

Using available light, for example window light.

Using and controlling artificial light/Using Flash for Portraits. 

Using a Studio, and studio lights

Working with Children 

How to avoid the silly grins!/Keeping children happy during the shoot.

Planning a child photography session.

Photographing a Wedding 

Planning a wedding shot list.

The perils of wedding photography, and how to overcome them! 

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