Photography Course 22 -Photoshop Elements $99

Photoshop elements image for class at Alwyns photo school Melbourne

About this Class

Discover the wonders of one of Adobe’s most brilliant photo editing software applications. We’ll provide you with the instruction and images you need; just make sure to bring your own laptop  (with  software pre-loaded-The trial version is OK) 

The class covers

Learning the Workspace  

Quick vs Expert Vs Guided Modes/Overview of the Options Panel

Overview of the Tools in the Tool Bar

Basic Cropping and Rotating/Flipping Images

Editing Your Images Part One 

Fixing Exposure Problems/Fixing Colour and White Balance Problems

Altering Brightness and Contrast on The entire or Part of the image

Converting Colour images to Black and White

Using the Built in Art Filters for Cool Effects/Making Panoramas

Editing Your Images Part 2

Choosing Specific Areas of an image to Enhance

Moving People from one image to another

Merging Photos together to choose the best bits of both!

What are Layers and how can we use them?

Using Layers to create calendars,prize presentations and Magazine Covers

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