Photography Course 2-Mastering your Digital Camera $99

Melbourne GPO by Alwyn Hanson for  class at Alwyns Photo School

About this Class-What does it Cover-

Moving on to the next stage, let’s talk more about what you can do with your camera. Much like the first part, there will be no boring lectures. Instead, we do more photography ! 

We cover  

Polarising and ND Filters/Using your camera's Art Filters.

Choosing the right lens for the image .

Advanced Exposure Controls and advanced Flash controls 

Advanced exposure controls-Spot/centre weighted and partial metering.

Understanding White Balance/How to choose a separate flash.

What is a guide number?/Using your cameras wireless flash control.

Night Photography and using Software 

Using your camera at night/Taking star trails.

Special effects using long speeds/Choosing the right software.

What are RAW files and how can they help?/Why use RAW and JPEG?

Photography Course 1-Introducing your Digital Camera $99

Teaching by Alwyn Hanson for class at Alwyns Photo School

About this Class and what does it cover

This class is ideal for new DSLR or mirrorless camera owners, as well as those who are returning to photography. This is a practical class with no boring lectures—less physics, more photography.   

The Class Covers

What button does what?/What do the letters mean?

Auto, Semi-auto or Manual?/Why don't we just leave it in Auto?

Different focus settings and areas

Understanding  Aperture and Shutter Controls 

 What is an aperture number and how is it changed?

Using aperture controls to change our photographs.

How aperture changes with different lenses

Setting your camera for fast or slow speeds.

When to use slow speeds and when to use fast ones.

How shutter speeds can be affected by lens choice .

Understanding Exposure, Flash and Low Light Photography 

How your camera “reads” light/Problems with light and how to fix them

The fast, easy ways to fix exposure problems/Using your camera in very low light.

When using your pop-up flash is an advantage.

Freezing water using your pop-up flash/Softening your flash when taking portraits .

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