Photography Course 6-Macro Photography $99

Peacock Spider by ALwyn Hanson for Macro class at Alwyns Photo School

About this Class

For those who want to learn how to use Macro lenses, this practical workshop will be held both indoors and out. We aim to teach you how to take stunning Macro images.

 Macro and Lenses 

Choosing the right macro lens to capture your subject

Other macro options, close up filters and extension tubes?

Depth of Field and Macro 

Why aperture values are smaller on Macro Lenses.

Allowing for the right speed with the chosen aperture 

Macro and Exposure 

Exposure problems with Macro lenses

Advanced exposure controls-Spot or partial metering?

Macro and Lighting 

Using separate lights from desk lights to light boxes.

Specialised Macro Light and Flash units.

Macro and Composition 

Looking for subjects in our gardens and houses.

How the colour wheel can help you take great Macro images 

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