Photography Courses Corporate/Business


About this Class

Do you or your company have specific photographic goals you need to learn? We can come to your office, home, or other convenient location to teach individuals or groups.

What does it Cost? 

We charge $499 for a Three Hour class based on up to six attendees (More attendees on request)

We cover Melbourne and its suburbs and country Victoria on request

Who can we teach and what standard are our teachers 

We have written and organised classes for many companies and Government departments including:

Victoria Police and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade

Over the last ten years we have organised bespoke classes for

Real Estate Agents

Nurses & Midwives, Schools & Teachers, Jewellers & Chefs.

Victorian Government Departments and more.

You Set the Agenda and Time 

Tell us the time frame the class has to be fitted into and will we accommodate you.

We understand that time is important to your Business. 

Lectures and Seminars


About this Class

Over the last ten years I have delivered over 350 seminars and lectures at many venues in Melbourne.

I can organise and deliver seminars at your work or school on most photography based subjects.

What does it Cost? 

Please contact us directly to organise a Seminar specific to you club or school requirements.

We cover Melbourne and its suburbs and country Victoria on request

How long do they last? 

All seminars run for approximately 60 minutes and include images and attendees hand out notes 

Seminars about Photography

Seminars available include: 

Mono Nature-Black and White Landscapes.

Moving light-A Guide to Wireless Flash.

Night Magic-A Guide to Night Photography.

Selling on-line-A Guide to Photographing for eBay.

The first Bite-A Guide to Food Photography.

Light Magic-Understanding HDR Photography.

Photographing Australian Wildlife.

Sunlit Beauty-A Guide to Outside Portraits.

Freaky Flowers-Alternative Flower Photography.

Seminars about Cameras

Seminars available include:

A guide to glass-Choosing a new Lens.

Care and maintenance of your camera and equipment.

Understanding Depth of Field and how we can change it.

RAW vs JPEG Whats the Difference?

Choosing light-Understanding your Camera's Metering.

A Guide to Setting up a Studio at Home.

Using Filters in the Digital Age.

Ten cool things that lightroom does-That you may not know.  

Ten Common mistakes in Photography.

Freezing Moments-A Guide to Sports and Action Photography. 

Creating Magic-Indoor Light painting.

Seminars about Photographers

Seminars available include: 

The Masters-Linda McCartney.

The Masters-Patrick Litchfield.

The Masters- Frank Hurley.

The Masters-The Pulitizer Prize Winners.

The Masters-The Life Magazine Photographers.

The Masters- Burton Holmes and early Travel Photography. 

The Masters- Photography at War.

The Masters-What makes a Masterpiece.

The Masters- The 60th Anniversary of the Family of Man Exhibition.

The Masters- Two Women at War, the Genius of Margaret Bourke White and Lee Miller.

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